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Welcome to Olymp Trade’s world. The OlympTradeWiki.com website is built for traders by traders. We will get you through whether you are at the beginning of your journey with the Olymp Trade platform or you are an experienced trader. This is the proper place for you.

During our adventure, we found out there are not many educational resources concerning Olymp Trade. Thus, we considered sharing the knowledge of active investors to help others be successful as our mission. Thank you for your visit on OlympTradeWiki.com website. If you have any questions or you want to share your opinion or experience, do not hesitate to contact us.

Who are we?

OlympTradeWiki.com is the website with learning resources for Olymp Trade traders. Our mission is to deliver the latest broker information and to guide you through investment tactics that will help you master your skillset to turn into a more expert trader.

There are plenty of financial instruments available on the Olymp Trade platform like forex, fixed time trades, commodities or cryptocurrencies. It might be difficult and hazardous to trade them. And that is why we offer many guidelines to show you which methods function on the platform and how we trade.

Olymp Trade is a feature-rich platform. There are 4 chart types, 25 various indicators and 6 customizable drawing tools for technical analysis. In order to trade successfully, you need to know how they work. But do not worry. You will get complete know-how here on OlympTradeWiki.com.

The site is handled by online trading specialists. In the beginning, we traded fixed time trades but with time, we have extended our portfolio with other financial instruments. If it happens, that the instrument you are interested in is not included on the website, feel free to let us know and ask to make it available. We want our helpful article base to grow according to your need.

Carrying out the mission

Our quest is to be the complete knowledge source about the Olymp Trade platform. We want to cover all the topics connected to it on our site. You will find:

  • Trading strategies
  • Guide how to use different features on the platform
  • Tutorials on how to trade utilizing various indicators
  • New tools available on Olymp Trade platform
  • Psychological aspects of trading and risk management models.

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We value the opinions of our readers

Knowing we were of use for our readers in their quest to become better traders is the best reward for our work. That is why we kindly ask you to get involved in building the website. So feel free to like, comment and share. All your input is valuable because this is what helps us create fuller content so we can help others to become even more beneficial traders.

We appreciate both, positive and negative feedback. We only ask you to concentrate on the website content and the Olymp Trade platform.

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Trading knowledge

Your success is our success as well. All our tutorials are based on our experience, on the transactions we made. We want to arm you in the knowledge necessary to trade effectively and to explain various factors. All educational content is available for free. However, you must be aware of the fact, that not all strategies will work in particular cases. Therefore, what we recommend is to practice on the Olymp Trade training account first. Try it on the real account only when you are sure it will earn money for you. We do not wish you loose money. Still, it can happen. Hence, you agree we do not take responsibility for any money loss incurred after employing strategies from our website.

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Always up to date

Olymp Trade, just like other online brokers, is in constant change. Old functionalities are improved, the new ones are added. OlympTradeWiki.com is one of the first online educational resources that keep up with the times. We register the changes and we publish new content which we consider useful. Drop by, check it out and share with other traders!

Company Address:
Certificate Kvk:              72614390
Incorporated:          19/09/2018
Registered Office:  Torenburg 20, 1811 MJ, Alkmaar, the Netherlands
Registered Address:  Torenburg 20, 1811 MJ, Alkmaar, the Netherlands

Email: info@olymptradewiki.com


Author: Bart Bregman
BartHi! My name is Bart Bregman and I am 29 years old Dutchman living in the Republic of Panama.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bart.bregman.1

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bart-bregman-038556113/

Email: info@olymptradewiki.com

Occupation: Day Trader, financial analyst, and Blogger for: Olymptradewiki.com, iqoptionwiki.com , investingstockonline.com ,  And Torodemotrading.com

Bio: Being a professional entrepreneur and a blogger makes me spending a great deal of my time on the web. And living as digital Nomad gives me an opportunity to travel around the world.

In 2014 my trading career had begun as an extra job. However, after two years it had grown to a full-time job. Since then I trade various financial instruments on the Olymp Trade platform, including Forex, Stocks, Fixed time trades, CFD and Cryptocurrencies. Trading is my passion. I am oriented at continuous development, which results in searching for new approaches and solutions.

The markets nature is to be quiet at times. That is why, besides analyzing the charts and awaiting a good trading opportunity, I am creating OlympTradeWiki.com website. Here I share my knowledge and my trading strategies to support other traders in improving their skills.
Here is my trade configuration in the Netherlands. Whenever I get the chance to journey, it changes into 2 laptops and a Samsung tablet.

Trade setup Bart Bregman

best trade of 2017 Bart Bregmam
Bart’s first best trade when he made $4131 profit with one single trade on the USD/JPY pair.

Author: Niels Hammer

Photo Niels HammerI am 36 years old and I am originally from the Netherlands.  Travelling, discovering new places and meeting new people is what I love doing in spare time.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theNielsHammer

Email: info@olymptradewiki.com

Occupation: investor, web developer/blogger at olymptradewiki.com

Bio: It all had begun in 2015 when, by pure chance, I saw a short movie on YouTube about fixed time trading. It struck me, how easy trading this instrument was. I have made up my mind to try it.

After a few trials, it proved to be more difficult, than I expected after watching the simple YouTube movie. It did not stop me, though. At that time I was already so pulled into trading, that I asked my friend, Bart for a little help.

One thing led to the next. Soon I learned how to trade and I realized, many beginners in this field need crucial information that will guide them in building their careers in financial markets.

And then it dawned on us. Why not create an educational platform for all traders?

We set up our first investingstockonline.com site, where one can find the reviews of the best brokers. Soon it turned into an authority in the business.

Nevertheless, we did not stop there. Knowing which particular broker to invest with is hardly the step number one. The next would be how to trade on a particular platform.

And that is exactly why we launched OlympTradeWiki.com. This is a site concentrated around OlympTrade. We wish to demonstrate how to thrive thanks to this online broker.


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