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BTC trading

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. There is no central authority that controls it. And this is its main advantage. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency nowadays. It is valuable because the amount of bitcoin is limited to 21 million. At the highest point bitcoin value reached nearly $20,000. Although today it fell to about $8,000, it is still highly ranked.

Olymp Trade provides traders with an excellent chance to invest in BTC, as well as several else cryptocurrencies. In this guide, we will focus on bitcoin. If you, however, prefer a different cryptocurrency, stay with us. You can easily apply the same rules we will describe here.

Bitcoin trading

Key Takeaways🔑

Bitcoin trading at Olymp Trade can be a profitable opportunity for long-term traders.
Using support and resistance levels is an effective way to trade bitcoin CFDs on Olymp Trade.
Always consider the potential risks associated with leveraged trading and using multipliers.


Cryptocurrencies available at Olymp Trade

For the present moment, there are 9 cryptocurrencies that you can choose from. There are available leveraged cryptos. BTCx10 for example simply describes a bitcoin with a 10 times lever. Using multipliers can significantly boost profits. But they increase the potential risk of massive loss as well.

How to get started with cryptos

To configure a trading chart for bitcoin, you need to click on the field with the asset name in the left top corner of the trading interface. Next, you find “crypto-assets” and select bitcoin.

On the right side of the interface, you will find numerous fields. Look at the screenshot below. Number 1 is the amount of money you invest plus multiplier (x10 in this example.) In box number 2 you can choose to set “take profit” or “stop-loss”. If you decide to do so, the trade will be closed automatically in case you reach the indicated profit or incur the loss. Further down you will find the information about the commission from the transaction that will be charged to your account. And finally the green button “buy” and the red “sell” to decide which position you wish to take.

CFD trading interface for Bitcoin
CFD trading interface for Bitcoin

A couple of important terms when trading cryptocurrencies

  • Multiplier (1). This is the leverage effect used for a given cryptocurrency. Let’s say you set the leverage at 10. This will result that your investment will work on bitcoins worth 10 times more than your real investment. For example, the investment of $100 in a BTCx10 trade, will be equal to investing $1000.
  • Take Profit and Stop Loss (2). Before you enter a trade you can predefine levels of profit and loss. If your transaction result will reach either Stop Loss or Take Profit, your trade will be closed immediately.
  • Commissions (3). Based on your position size and multiplier Olymp Trade platform will calculate commissions for your upcoming trade.

Is it safe to trade bitcoin?

In the beginning, bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, were characterized by high volatility. In just a few days the value could be doubled or even tripled. Today, the periods of high volatility still happen, but the value of bitcoin is rather stabilized.

Taking the above into account, bitcoin trading is not recommended for short-term traders. Yet, it is a good investment resource for the traders who are ready to keep the position open for a few hours or days even.

You can see in the chart below, that bitcoin price often fluctuates in a narrow range. When it breaks the range the price movements are usually dynamic. Price can change from a few percent to around 10% in a matter of hours.

Most of the time Bitcoin price fluctuates creating narrow ranges
Most of the time Bitcoin price fluctuates creating narrow ranges

Remember, aim at long term trading if you are interested in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. You need to remember that rollover is not available for bitcoin. All bitcoin trades are automatically closed at 20:55 UTC.

Pros and Cons of Trading Bitcoin on Olymp Trade👍👎


  • Access to a range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and other popular options.
  • Support for leveraged trading with multipliers, increasing potential profits.
  • Easy-to-use trading interface, making it accessible for traders of all experience levels.
  • Use of support and resistance levels to make informed trading decisions.


  • Trading cryptocurrencies can be risky, especially with leveraged trades and multipliers.
  • Bitcoin trading may not be suitable for short-term traders, requiring positions to be held for hours or even days.
  • High volatility of cryptocurrencies can lead to significant losses as well as gains.
  • Rollover is not available for Bitcoin trades, which automatically close at 20:55 UTC.

Bitcoin Trading Tips Description
Identify Support and Resistance Levels Utilize 1-hour timeframe charts to determine key support and resistance levels for more informed trading decisions.
Use Multipliers Wisely Be cautious when using multipliers, as they can significantly increase both potential profits and losses.
Long-term Trading Strategy Focus on long-term trading strategies when dealing with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, as short-term trading may be less reliable.
Practice with a Demo Account Before trading with real money, practice using a demo account to become more familiar with the platform and trading process.

Ways of trading bitcoin CFD at Olymp Trade

A good and simple way to trade bitcoin CFD is to use support/resistance levels. I’ve already said that bitcoin price tends to fluctuate within a narrow range for quite a long time. And this is very helpful in identifying strong support and resistance levels.

The other good thing is that usually after the price breaks through support or resistance level, the following trend is also strong.

I would recommend using a 1-hour timeframe candles chart to draw support and resistance lines. Just like the chart you can see below.

Bitcoin moves in a narrow range before breakout
Bitcoin moves in a narrow range before the breakout

Now you can switch to a 15-minute chart. This procedure will make the identification of the moment of breaking through the support/resistance lines more accurate.

Take a look at the chart beneath. This is a 15-minute candlesticks chart for bitcoin. You can clearly see when the price begins to break the resistance level. You ought to wait for the candles to close over the resistance line. Thus, you have certainty the uptrend is developing and that now is the time to enter a buy position. It should last 1-3 hours.

Another thing you can read from the given chart is how the bitcoin price increases. In about 3-4 hours it rises from around 8,100 to 8,800.

Long position on Bitcoin
A long position on Bitcoin

Olymp Trade offers you the opportunity to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It can generate great profits not only for experienced traders but for the novices too. However, you need to remember that trading bitcoin takes time. You should be ready to hold a position for hours because sometimes it will be a while before the trend is clearly visible.

Try trading cryptocurrencies on the Olymp Trade practice account. We would love to hear your feedback in the comments section which you will find further down the site.

Wish you success!

Short Q&A on Bitcoin Trading at Olymp Trade 📌

  • Q: How do I get started with trading cryptocurrencies on Olymp Trade?
    A: Select “crypto-assets” in the trading interface and choose your desired cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin.
  • Q: Is it safe to trade Bitcoin on Olymp Trade?
    A: While the value of Bitcoin has become more stable over time, trading cryptocurrencies can still be risky, particularly when using leverage and multipliers. Always be cautious and manage your risk appropriately.
  • Q: What is the best strategy for trading Bitcoin CFDs on Olymp Trade?
    A: Utilizing support and resistance levels can be an effective strategy for trading Bitcoin CFDs on Olymp Trade. Aim for long-term trades, as positions often need to be held for hours or days.
  • Q: Can I trade Bitcoin using a short-term strategy on Olymp Trade?
    A: Bitcoin trading is generally more suited for long-term strategies, as positions often need to be held for hours or days. Short-term trading may be less reliable with cryptocurrencies.
  • Q: Are there any fees or commissions when trading Bitcoin on Olymp Trade?
    A: Yes, based on your position size and multiplier, Olymp Trade will calculate commissions for your trades. Always be aware of any fees or commissions before entering a trade.

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