What is the Donchian Channel and how to use it to trade financial derivatives

Donchan Channel on Olymp Trade

The Donchian Channel indicator was invented in the 1970s by a professional trader Richard Donchian. His indicator has proved its worth on the currency exchange markets and financial derivatives as well. It has become quite popular, though it is rather used as a custom indicator.

One hour EURUSD chart with 20-period Donchian Channel
One hour EURUSD chart with 20-period Donchian Channel

When trading financial derivatives, you have to make assumptions about the price movements. Your success depends on the ability to identify the trend and its reversal. There are plenty of indicators that will help you do it. The Donchian Channel is loved since it visually outlines the top and bottom limits of the trend.

The Donchian Channel indicator is ahead of the Bollinger Bands. But it is underestimated by many traders. It is used mostly by professionals. Luckily for you, Olymp Trade has it in its offer. Let’s check how it works.

Setting up the indicator at Olymp Trade

After logging in and choosing the asset and the chart type, you need to click the indicators feature. Then, select the Donchian Channel and it will be attached to your chart.

How to attach Donchian Channel on Olymp Trade
How to attach Donchian Channel at Olymp Trade

You can adjust the period, thickness, and colors of the lines by clicking a pen icon next to the indicator’s name.

You can always adjust period and colors of Donchian Channel indicator
You can always adjust the period and colours of the Donchian Channel indicator

What is the Donchian Channel?

To calculate the top and bottom borders you need to have a customized periods’ number. The upper boundary is the highest price observed in the last n period. The lower boundary is the lowest price within the last n period.

The default n period is equal to 20. As mentioned before, you can change this value if needed.

The Donchian Channel reminds of the Bollinger Bands indicator. The difference is that here the candles remain within the upper and lower border of the indicator. Furthermore, the Donchian Channel is made up of average indicators for a maximum and minimum price.

Using the Donchian Channel indicator in trading financial derivatives

The price fluctuates between the upper and lower band. Search for the points where the candle crosses the middle line.

You should open an up position when the bullish candle crosses above the middle line.

Open a short trade when the bearish candle crosses below the middle line.

Call and Put signals using middle line of Donchian Channel
Call and Put signals using the middle line of the Donchian Channel

You can define a trend by looking at the channel and the candles. There is an uptrend when the channel is moving up and the candles are developing above the middle line. A downtrend is when the channel is moving down and the candles remain in the lower half of the channel.

You can use the points where the price bounces from the middle line of the indicator as signals to enter the trade. When the price rebounces from the middle line during the downtrend and continues down, buy a PUT order. When the price bounces from the central line during the uptrend and continues up, buy a CALL contract.

In trending market you can use price bounces from the middle line as a trading signals
In the trending market, you can use price bounces from the middle line as trading signals

The Donchian Channel is a good indicator when identifying the trend and the price breakouts. It defines the highest high and the lowest low in a certain time period. I recommend trying it on the Olymp Trade demo account. Write in the comments section below if you have any experience in trading with this particular indicator. You can also ask any question you have about it.

Enjoy trading!

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