The Easy Way to Trade with the Candlestick Method at Olymp Trade

Ultimate candle strategy

One of the simplest methods of determining market strength is observing the candles. You will find they exist in two colors. The green candles indicate the buyer’s dominance on the market. When the reddish candles are in the majority, it means the sellers are taking over the prices. When the candles of the same color appear one after another, there is a trend. Green candles will signify an uptrend and the red ones a downtrend. It may sound simple but there is more to it. Read this article and you will learn how to utilize the candles to your advantage on the Olymp Trade platform.

Key TakeawaysπŸ”‘

β†’Candlestick trading helps traders determine market strength and trends by observing candle colors.
β†’Japanese candlesticks are the easiest chart type to read and understand, making them a popular choice among traders.
β†’Traders must develop and improve their candlestick trading skills through practice and constant learning to achieve better results.


Using candlesticks at Olymp Trade

There are a few chart types you can choose from on the Olymp Trade platform. I recommend using Japanese candlesticks just because it is relatively easy to read. The candles are in two colors. The green ones are also known as the bullish candles and the red ones as bearish. The simplest way to trade with the color of the candles is to place a buy order whenever a bullish candle is developing and a sell trade when you spot a bearish candle. Once the order is placed you just wait for a candle to close and gather the profit. It sounds easy but there are not many traders who actually manage to master the skill of reading candles in this manner. So I wanted to help you understand how to trade with candles and I wrote this article.

Configure the chart

First, you need to choose an asset. In the following example, I will be using the USDJPY currency pair. Then, you set up the chart. The chart type easiest to read is the Japanese candlestick one. There is no point in complicating things at the beginning, so set the chart and determine the timeframe. The 5-minute period will be a good idea. The next step will be to write your investment amount.

Specify the duration of the trade

The transactions should not be opened for too long. I am choosing 5 minutes but not as a duration. You should choose expiration instead of the duration and adjust the time in the top right corner of the trading platform. Expiration time should be set as an end of a 5-minute candle. 5 minutes is a good period because I can place an order immediately when a candle begins to develop. And more often than not, a candle will end up the same color it has started. So when it was green and I went long, the probability it will close as a green candle after 5 minutes is quite high.

Enter the trade

The last thing you have to do is to hit the green or red button meaning you either go long or short. It will naturally depend on the color of the candle. If you notice a green candle starts to develop, you will hit the green button. When the red candle appears, you will click the lower red button.

What makes trading candles at Olymp Trade a good choice

There is no need to be concerned about the price movements

It is interesting to note that when you switch the candle’s interval to 1 minute, you will see that the price is changing quite a lot. And if you choose 15 seconds, there will be just more price movements on the chart. But with a 5-minute timeframe and focusing only on the color of the candles, the probability one candle will close the same color it has begun is quite big. So the price movements are not something you should worry about.

Simply open a new trade after you discover direction of the candle
Simply open a new trade after you discover the direction of the candle
Market followed the direction from beginning of the candle
The market followed the direction from the beginning of the candle

Open one transaction at a time

Following the color-based strategy, you place just one order at a time. If you traded based on price fluctuations, you would open numerous positions. But this would be not the best idea. The price fluctuates often and when it went against you, you would lose a lot. Wait for a new candle to begin growing and place one trade at a time. The chances it will finish the same color are quite big and this is the way to raise your balance.

Open an Up trade if bullish candle is developing
Open an Up trade if a bullish candle is developing
It is not possible to win all the time
It is not possible to win all the time

The color-based strategy is uncomplicated

You need to observe the chart and focus on the color of the candles. You do not use additional indicators so you do not need to spend time reading them. You use all the time you have at the computer desk searching for good opportunities to open the trade. The analysis is down to candle color observation with a 5-minute timeframe set. I can open the positions only seconds after the candle starts to develop. You need to be fast here so the probability of ending up in the same color is higher.

Disadvantages of candles color based trading

Low returns while trading the martingale money management system

The main rules of the martingale money management system are to trade the same color of the candle until you win, only then you switch to another color, increase the amount you put in a trade until you get a winning trade, in case of winning you place the next order with the very small amount again.

Open a Down trade if bearish candle is developing
Open a Down trade if a bearish candle is developing
You can use martingale to cover your losses
You can use martingale to cover your losses

So if you win trade after trade, you will get a very small profit. But if you lose multiple times, which is quite unlikely in trading candle color, you increase the investment amount and this may cause your account to be cleared.

Martingale money management table
Martingale money management table


Although it sounds so simple, and I am not saying it is difficult, it does require investing your time in learning the strategy. Because it is not only looking at the chart and opening the trades. You should also take into account the price movements during the previous period. With 5 minute candles, I normally first look at the chart for over 3 hours, 30 minutes, and 15 minutes period. Like this, I can distinguish patterns in the price movements.

It is rather a skill than a strategy

The trading strategies guide you through the trading process showing you what to do and on which market it can work. Using the color-based method is more of a skill that you need to learn with time. This is about the perfect moment of entering the trade. You should do it at the moment when the candle has just begun to develop. Once you fail to catch the opportunity, the chances of ending up losing significantly grow. The best thing is to train a lot and there is an Olymp Trade demo account you can use for that. Like this, you will not unnecessarily lose real money.

Pros and Cons of Candlestick Trading

  • Pros:
    • πŸ˜ƒ Easy to understand and interpret.
    • πŸ˜ƒ Provides visual representation of market trends.
    • πŸ˜ƒ Allows traders to make informed decisions based on market sentiment.
  • Cons:
    • 😟 May lead to false signals, especially during high volatility.
    • 😟 Requires constant monitoring and quick decision-making.
    • 😟 Limited information compared to more advanced charting techniques.

Candlestick Patterns Description
Bullish Engulfing A two-candle pattern where a small red candle is followed by a larger green candle that engulfs the red one, indicating a possible uptrend.
Bearish Engulfing A two-candle pattern where a small green candle is followed by a larger red candle that engulfs the green one, indicating a possible downtrend.
Hammer A single candle pattern with a small body and a long lower wick, indicating that the market rejected lower prices and could signal a bullish reversal.
Shooting Star A single candle pattern with a small body and a long upper wick, indicating that the market rejected higher prices and could signal a bearish reversal.


The method described in this guide propose trading based on candle color instead of price fluctuations. You will need to invest a lot of time to analyze the markets and learn the necessary skills. You will have to be patient. Color-based trading means you do not use any extra indicators. This makes it quite easy then because you can focus on the candles exclusively. Once you master the skill of trading candles color you will be on the right path to earning successfully at Olymp Trade. The last thing I want to tell you is do not waste the time. Go to the Olymp Trade practice account and start trading now. You are more than welcome to share your results with us in the comments section below.

Enjoy the trading!

Q&A Section

  • Q1: What is the main advantage of using Japanese candlesticks for trading?
    • A1: Japanese candlesticks provide a visual and easy-to-understand representation of market trends and sentiment, making it easier for traders to make informed decisions.
  • Q2: How can I improve my candlestick trading skills?
    • A2: Practice, constant learning, and staying updated with market trends will help you improve your candlestick trading skills over time.
  • Q3: What timeframe should I use when trading with candlesticks?
    • A3: The choice of timeframe depends on your trading style and strategy. Shorter timeframes like 1-minute or 5-minute intervals are suitable for day trading, while longer timeframes like 1-hour or daily intervals are more appropriate for swing trading or long-term investments.
  • Q4: What are some common candlestick patterns that can help me make better trading decisions?
    • A4: Some common candlestick patterns include Bullish Engulfing, Bearish Engulfing, Hammer, and Shooting Star. These patterns can provide valuable insights into market sentiment and possible trend reversals.
  • Q5: Can I rely solely on candlestick patterns for trading?
    • A5: While candlestick patterns can be helpful, it’s essential to use them in conjunction with other technical analysis tools and fundamental analysis to make well-rounded trading decisions.

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