How to trade the currency derivatives at Olymp Trade


The currency derivatives at Olymp Trade

First, I want to tell you what currency derivatives are. They are the contracts thanks to which you can exchange currencies at a current exchange rate at a certain time in the future.

currency derivatives on Olymp Trade
The currency derivatives at Olymp Trade

We distinguish two types of currency derivatives. The first one is the call order (up). This one allows you to buy an asset. The second one is called the put order (down) and allows you to sell a given instrument.

Call and Put derivatives on Olymp Trade
Call and Put orders at Olymp Trade

Trading the currency derivatives on the Olymp Trade platform

To trade the currency derivatives you will have to follow just a few steps. You need to specify the time of the expiry. After that time the transaction finishes.

Then, you have to decide on the amount you would like to invest in a single trade.

Last but not least, you must click one of two buttons. One is green and signifies a call order, the other one is red and describes a put order.

How to trade currency derivatives on Olymp Trade
How to trade currency derivatives at Olymp Trade

Selling a currency derivative before the expiry

Selling option before expiration
Selling an order before the expiration

Olymp Trade offers the possibility of selling an order before the end of the expiry time. There are two ways of doing it. You can click the opened transaction marker on the chart or the button “Sell now” which you will find on the right side of the platform in the trades field.

You must be, however, aware of the fact that you will most likely lose some money selling a currency derivative beforehand. You have to analyze the market carefully and decide is it better to wait a little more or sell instantly and lose less than at the end of the transaction.

Enjoy the trading!

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