3 simple tricks to improve your day trading on Olymp Trade

Day trading tricks for Olymp TradeDay trading is based on opening short-term transactions during a day. It is often seen as riskier than traditional forms of investing. You need to catch the right moment to take advantage of the changing situation in the market. There are, however, some techniques that can improve your day trading results.

Key Takeaways🔑

Day trading involves opening short-term transactions during a day and requires careful analysis and timing.
Examining various timeframes and using chart patterns can enhance day trading results.
Modifying indicator settings can help adapt to different market situations and improve trading outcomes.


3 simple tricks to enhance your day trading

Examine various timeframes

In order to open a trading position, you must analyse the market to identify the best moment to enter. You trade on a certain timeframe. Nevertheless, if you change the chart timeframe to a different one, you may discover something more. Sometimes, a bigger timeframe will help, sometimes a smaller one. It can serve as confirmation for the trend you have identified or finding a trading opportunity that was invisible on another timeframe.

two timeframes simultaneously
You can split your chart in order to use two timeframes simultaneously

You may have more than one chart open with the same instrument, only with different timeframes. You will be able to easily switch between them to search for extra information about the asset’s price.

using different chart time frames
You can see more using different chart timeframes

Use chart patterns

There exist repeatable patterns on the price chart. It is wise to use them in technical analysis as they indicate crucial phases of the market. We can distinguish continuation patterns that give information that the current trend will most probably continue and reversal ones that predict an upcoming change of the direction of the price.

Remember to use additional tools to confirm trading signals obtained from the chart patterns.

Modify indicators settings

Indicators come with default settings. Usually, they work very well with them. Nonetheless, it might be a good idea to play with the settings. The different market situation requires a different approach and when you adjust the parameters you may get better results.

Generally, when you lower the settings, an indicator becomes more sensitive. Larger settings make it less sensitive and the signals received can be more adequate, though, this is never guaranteed. On the downside, larger settings lead to a greater lag of the indicator.

You have to try different settings to see for yourself how the indicator behaves with them. With time and practice, you will be able to find a balance so the indicator will respond to your needs.

Bonus tip

In day trading you have to act fast. It demands you open short term transactions and they would have more profit potential if you entered at the very precise moment. Naturally, every trading decision should be preceded by deep market analysis. You have to estimate risk and not take each opportunity you spot on the chart. This is why it is so important you start every session with a trading plan prepared and thought well through. It will help you to avoid ill-advised decisions and to become calm in difficult times.

Make quick trading decisions

Pros and Cons of Day Trading

Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of day trading:

Advantages 😄

  • Opportunity for short-term profits through quick trades.
  • Potential for high trading volume and liquidity, especially in active markets.
  • Flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions and exploit short-term price movements.

Disadvantages 😕

  • Requires advanced technical analysis skills and market knowledge.
  • Higher risk compared to long-term investing due to shorter timeframes and increased exposure to market volatility.
  • Demands significant time and attention for constant monitoring of market movements.

Advantages Disadvantages
Opportunity for short-term profits. Requires advanced technical analysis skills.
High trading volume and liquidity. Higher risk due to increased exposure to market volatility.
Flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions. Demands significant time and attention.

Final words

Day trading can bring you profit when you know what you are doing. It is quite distinct from investing more traditionally and you need to use different techniques. Consider analysing different timeframes, using chart patterns and changing the indicators parameters. Have your trading plan in hand and act fast.

Olymp Trade has a free demo account in its offer. Remember about it when you want to test a new approach. There you can check how the indicator works with different settings or how various timeframes give different signals.

Prepare yourself well before you invest real money.

Wish you high profits!

Q&A: Day Trading Tips and Techniques

  • What is day trading?
    • Day trading involves opening and closing short-term trading positions within the same day to capitalize on intraday price movements.
  • What techniques can enhance day trading results?
    • Examining various timeframes and using chart patterns can provide additional insights for trading decisions.
    • Modifying indicator settings can help adapt to different market conditions and improve trading outcomes.
  • What are the advantages of day trading?
    • Day trading offers the potential for short-term profits, high trading volume, and the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions.
  • What are the risks of day trading?
    • Day trading carries higher risks due to increased exposure to market volatility and the need for advanced technical analysis skills.
    • It also demands significant time and attention for constant monitoring of market movements.
  • Are there any recommended practices for day trading?
    • Develop a well-thought-out trading plan, use risk management strategies, and continuously educate yourself to improve your day trading skills.

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