Jump into trading the markets with the Olymp Trade platform

Quickstart option tradingThe assets’ selection

To begin trading you have to select an asset. Olymp Trade gives you a smooth way to sort the assets by the rate of return. You can choose any type of asset and then rank them in ascending or descending order of the profit margin. Furthermore, you can display exclusively the assets with a return of 70% or 80%.

Selecting a financial asset with high rate of return
Selecting an asset with a high rate of return

Study the direction of price changes and estimate the future interest rate. Whether the price of a particular asset will rise or drop.

A quick introduction to the trading interface at Olymp Trade

First, you choose the duration of the fixed-time trade. You can set the expiration time manually or use the buttons provided. Then you decide how big an investment you would like to make. And finally, you either click a green or red button, depending on whether you would like to buy or sell the security.

Setting trade durations, amount and direction
Setting the duration, amount, and direction of the trade
Trade result
Trade result tab

You will see the timer on the chart. It displays the time left to the end of the purchase period. You can open more than one position for different sums.

When the derivative expires, the results will be visible in the side tab. The amount you earned or lost, will be automatically registered on your balance.

Best of luck!

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