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Key Takeaways🔑

→Patience and a personalized trading plan are essential for achieving consistent profits at Olymp Trade.
→Keeping a trading journal and learning from professional traders can greatly improve your skills.
→Trading on a free demo account is crucial before moving on to a real account.

Get weekly returns at Olymp Trade

October ended up quite good for me. Although profits have fallen slightly in the last 2 weeks, I still managed to earn every day. In total, the month of October brought me profits of about $1000 or so.

If you have ever wondered how to make continuous profits at Olymp Trade, this guide is for you. Here you will find the answer to your question. Let’s get to it!

Many traders struggle to trade on the Olymp Trade platform. How can I get a consistent profit?

The important role of patience

Patience is a virtue. Sometimes it is better to place fewer trades than trading just for its own sake. There are days I enter only 4 trades. Or even less. Because you need to determine the ideal market conditions before you can think about placing a trade. And you can identify the market only when you analyze the charts patiently for many hours.

The analysis has to include your strategy. The conditions you are looking for have to be sufficiently favourable to use your strategy. Furthermore, you cannot switch to another market only because there are not good entering situation on this one. Successful trading is a game of waiting.

I know my trades have better chances to turn out successful if I wait for the right market conditions. This game reminds me of the sniper, who needs to wait for suitable circumstances in order to make a perfect shot.

Trader is like a sniper
A trader is like a sniper

The best traders are exactly like the snipers. They wait patiently for ideal conditions before they start trading. It will be of extra help to have a personalized trading plan. I recommend creating one that will be supplementary to your trading objectives.

The plan will differ for a trader whose goal is to make $100 per day and for the one who wants to earn $50 per day. In order to prepare a good trading plan, you will have to include two main components. One that concerns your personal transactions and the other one about the general management of your Olymp Trade account. Now, the part that concerns your individual transactions is about the market conditions required to enter the trade such as:

  • The investment amount for a single trade
  • The financial instrument you want to use
  • Duration of the trade
  • Capital management plan

The last listed item is the capital management plan should include:

  • The amount of money you want to earn in a day
  • The number of transactions you want to make in a day
  • The amount of money you want to profit from each trade
  • The amount of capital you will need to reach a daily profit goal
  • The maximum amount of possible losses before finish trading for that day

Building the trading plan is not that difficult. What follows next is. I mean having a plan is one thing, but using it, sticking to it and working on it is the hard part. A trading journal is a friend of a successful trader. It keeps track of the trades and reasons for each transaction. It helps to analyze the performance.

You should document all your trades
You should document all your trades

Maintaining your own trading journal is of great value. The articles on OlympTradeWiki.com are written from our experience and there is nothing we didn’t try ourselves. Now, in order to make good money, I encourage you to put the knowledge into practice. And, naturally, keep the trading journal.

Earning money with Olymp Trade

You can learn a lot from professional traders, from their mistakes and successes. It can shorten your path to making a fortune as a trader. And this is what you will find on the OlympTradeWiki.com website.

Do not forget, however, that you can only improve your skills by practicing. There is no magic formula for success. And here is where the Olymp Trade demo account comes in hand. Before you move onto a real account, try trading on a free practice account for some time. That won’t guarantee success but will improve your chances.

Building your personal plan at Olymp Trade

You can make money in three ways. One of them is to trade alone. This way you are the only person responsible for your success, and failure. It is up to you how you will build and fulfill the trading plan.

My adventure with trading at Olymp Trade started with opening a free demo account. I practiced for about a month. Then I felt pretty ready to move onto the real Olymp Trade account. I deposited $30 and aimed at making $2 daily.

If everything went according to plan, then I would have earned $10 by the end of the week. I decided on 5-minute timeframe and the investment amount not bigger than $1. And those rules I follow to this day.

Your own trading plan is a key to success
Your own trading plan is a key to success

You probably wonder what are the other two ways of making money. Well, the second one is to pay for signals.

This way you don’t have to spend hours analysing the market because there are people who will make it for you. Then they will send you signals when to enter the trade. But remember, they won’t take responsibility for the losses you may incur.

There is also an option to invest money with fund managers.

What they do is trading in your name and share the benefits afterwards. But there is a quite high risk in it. There were situations when large investment funds collapsed. Moreover, a huge amount of money is needed to get started.

I would definitely vote for the first option. Do it yourself and take full responsibility for your trades. I have been at Olymp Trade from 4 months and my monthly gains are booming.

I am able to make a profit because of having a good personal trading plan and using appropriate money management strategies. I am sure you will benefit from doing the same.

Withdraw your profits

Pros and Cons of Trading on Olymp Trade 😊😔


  • Access to free demo account for practice
  • User-friendly platform with educational resources
  • Customizable trading plans for individual goals
  • Ability to learn from professional traders and their experiences


  • Requires patience and discipline to wait for the right market conditions
  • Success is not guaranteed and there is always a risk of loss
  • Reliance on signals and fund managers may not always be beneficial

Important Components of a Trading Plan Examples
Investment amount for a single trade $1 per trade
Financial instrument Forex, stocks, commodities
Duration of the trade 5-minute timeframe
Daily profit goal $50 or $100
Maximum amount of possible losses before finishing trading for the day $25 or a percentage of the trading account balance

More tips on how to generate sustainable profits at Olymp Trade

The investment amount per trade should be 5% or less of the balance on the account. Some traders put a lot of money in one trade, even 100%, in the hope of a high return. But since there are no guarantees in trading, it can be the last trade they make.

Furthermore, just execute a few transactions per day. I enter no more than 10 trades in one day. You might think the more, the bigger the profit. But it does not necessarily work this way. In fact, it results in bigger risk exposure.

Every time you want to introduce a new strategy, head onto your demo account first. Like this, you will avoid some losses.

Choose timeframe which is longer than 1-minute. The charts are simply more easily analyzed when you observe them for a longer time. And if your analysis is correct, you will most probably end up with a profit.

These are some good advice I have for you that will help you to generate constant profit at Olymp Trade. Would you like to add something? Or would you like to tell us your story? The comments section you will find below is just for that!

Wish you always profitable trades!

Common Questions and Answers 💡

  • Q: How can I improve my chances of making consistent profits at Olymp Trade?

    A: Develop a personalized trading plan, practice patience, and maintain a trading journal to analyze your performance.

  • Q: How long should I practice on a demo account before moving to a real account?

    A: It’s essential to practice on a demo account until you feel confident in your trading strategy and are comfortable with the platform. This could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

  • Q: Is it better to rely on signals or trade on my own?

    A: While signals can be helpful, it’s essential to develop your own trading strategy and rely on your analysis. Signals may not always guarantee success, and you won’t learn as much about the market and trading process.

  • Q: How can I minimize my losses when trading on Olymp Trade?

    A: Stick to your trading plan, set daily loss limits, and stop trading when you reach those limits. This helps you avoid letting emotions drive your trading decisions.

  • Q: Can I make a living trading on Olymp Trade?

    A: It’s possible to make a living trading, but it requires dedication, patience, and discipline. Always be prepared for the risk of loss and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

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