How to manage the anxiety to trade with better results on Olymp Trade

Anxiety in tradingOur emotions influence our behaviour. It can be beneficial to us but it can also lead to bad outcomes. You will experience different kinds of emotions while trading. Today we will talk about the anxiety that often interferes with trading decisions. It may stop you from opening or closing a transaction at the right moment. It can as well appear a bit later after your transaction is closed. So how to manage the anxiety and thanks to this get better results in trading? Let’s discuss this matter.

Key Takeaways🔑

Understanding and managing emotions like fear and anxiety is crucial for successful trading.
Emotions are natural and serve a purpose, but they need to be understood and controlled to avoid detrimental trading decisions.
Developing experience and competence through practice can help reduce fear and anxiety while trading.


Fear and anxiety in trading

Traders often struggle with fear and anxiety. To deal with the problem you shall first understand it. This helps a lot in finding the solution.

emotions are naturalThe most important thing is to understand that emotions are natural and there are no really good or bad emotions. They all serve some purpose. Fear, for example, protects us from danger. It is a natural response when something unknown lies ahead. It is the same in trading. You experience fear when you face the possibility of losing your money.

Dealing with the anxiety

Some try to hide the emotions they feel. This is not the best approach to dealing with them. You will restrain emotions but eventually, they will find the way out and they will be even more powerful than at the beginning.

experience is a key for managing anxiety in tradingExperience and competence are the answers to the problem of how to deal with fear and anxiety.

Many things seem difficult when you start doing them. And it is natural you may feel anxious and nervous. After some time, however, you get confidence in what you are doing and you are able to do it with inner tranquillity. Experience is what automatically takes some of the fear away. So practice, practice and practice. If you trade regularly and with consideration, you will feel calm when you start the next session.

Competence is something you can gain through experience. This is your knowledge and understanding of the platform and the market. You are more relaxed when you know well what to do, where is the instrument you want and which indicator to apply. So again, practice, practice, practice. This will bring you much closer to understanding what is going on in the market and this, in turn, will help you make better and more confident trading decisions.

competence in trading

Pros and Cons of Managing Fear and Anxiety in Trading 😃😔


  • Improved emotional control leads to better trading decisions
  • Reduced fear and anxiety can prevent impulsive and irrational actions
  • Enhanced ability to focus on market analysis and strategy execution


  • Managing emotions requires self-awareness and continuous effort
  • Emotional control may take time to develop and master
  • External factors and market volatility can still trigger emotional responses

Strategies Benefits
Understand and accept emotions Allows for healthier emotional management and self-awareness
Practice trading regularly Builds experience, competence, and confidence


It is completely natural to experience strong emotions when trading. Fear and anxiety appear quite often, and they can lead to poor results. But it does not have to be this way. You can learn to manage the anxiety.

The first thing is to remember that fighting emotions will do no good. Try to understand and accept them instead.

The second important thing is to practice your skills. Training will help you to gain experience and competence, which are the basis for calm trading.

anxiety and fear in tradingI have some good news at the end. Olymp Trade provides a free demo account for its customers. This account is supplied with virtual cash that can be replenished any time you need it. There, you can test a strategy, check how the indicators work, try different chart timeframes. You can do this all without risking losing your own money. Use it wisely and begin practice there right now!

All the best!

Frequently Asked Questions about Managing Fear and Anxiety in Trading 🧐

  • Q: Why is managing fear and anxiety important in trading?
  • A: Managing fear and anxiety is important in trading because it helps prevent impulsive and irrational decisions, improves emotional control, and allows for better focus on market analysis and strategy execution.
  • Q: How can I develop emotional control in trading?
  • A: Developing emotional control in trading requires self-awareness, understanding and accepting emotions, and consistent practice to build experience and competence.
  • Q: How can I reduce fear and anxiety while trading?
  • A: Reducing fear and anxiety while trading can be achieved through gaining knowledge and understanding of the market, practicing trading regularly to build confidence, and employing risk management techniques.
  • Q: Are there any drawbacks to managing fear and anxiety?
  • A: Managing fear and anxiety in trading requires continuous effort and self-discipline. External factors and market volatility can still trigger emotional responses, but with practice, emotional control can be improved.
  • Q: Can managing fear and anxiety lead to better trading results?
  • A: Yes, managing fear and anxiety can lead to better trading results by helping traders make more rational and calculated decisions, reducing impulsive actions, and improving overall performance and profitability.

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