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trade expiration time on Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade has become a top online broker. It provides a variety of assets like cryptocurrencies, currency pairs, stocks, indices, or financial derivatives.

In this article, I will discuss trading fixed-time financial derivatives, specifically their expiration. Fixed-time derivatives typically come with a predefined expiration date. It could be a minute or a day. And you should include the expiration in your trading.

Key Takeaways🔑

Trading derivatives requires careful strategy planning and consideration of expiration times.
Choosing the right indicators like the RSI, the SMA, or the Bollinger Bands can help recognize the trend and its reversal.
Trading with 5-minute candles or more can provide a more accurate view of price movements.


Fixed-time derivative expiration

Olymp Trade allows holding derivatives opened for a duration of 1 minute up to 23 hours 59 minutes. You can set the duration on the right-side panel.

You can choose a predefined expiration time, you can enter desirable length manually or use plus/minus buttons.

You can use predefined expiration time, enter it manualy and adjust using buttons
You can use a predefined expiration time, enter it manually, or adjust using buttons

Once you determine the expiration time and you have opened a position you will see it on the chart.

Expiration time of planned and opened trades
The expiration time of planned and opened trades
  1. Your opened trade is in the form of a red line. There are two dots at both ends of the line. One is the beginning and the other the end of your trade.
  2. There are two vertical lines visible on the price chart. One is dotted and described as the beginning of the trade. The other one is a continuous end of the tradeline. They are showing where the potential trade would start and end if you decide to enter a similar transaction at the present moment.
  3. You will also see the numbers counting down. This is the time that remained to the end of a current candle. As soon as it reached 0, count down will start from the beginning, that is from 60 seconds because the duration of the candles is set for 1 minute.

Pros and Cons👍👎

👍 Pros of Derivative Trading:

  • Can provide higher potential returns.
  • Allows for diversification of your investment portfolio.
  • Offers hedging opportunities against market volatility.

👎 Cons of Derivative Trading:

  • It can be complex and requires a good understanding of financial markets.
  • Higher potential returns come with increased risk.
  • Requires careful consideration of expiration times and use of indicators.

Derivative Trading Components Role in Successful Trading
Understanding Expiration Times Helps in effective risk management and strategy planning
Choosing Right Indicators Aids in recognizing trends and predicting price reversals

A few words about trading fixed-time derivatives at Olymp Trade

I think the best chart type for trading derivatives is Japanese candlesticks. It is easier to analyze and follow such a chart in comparison to other kinds like bars or area charts.

5-minute candles can give a more accurate view of price movements as opposed to less lasting candles where fluctuations are more frequent. When you get a hold of it you can, however, try trading 1-minute candles as I did in the above example.

Expiration time should be a part of your trading strategy
The expiration time should be a part of your derivative trading strategy

You should think the expiration time through and include it in your derivative trading strategy. I would recommend opening positions for 5 minutes or more.

Indicators are on the platform to serve you but do not use too many. It will only unnecessarily distract your attention. Use one or two in combination. It can be the RSI, the SMA, or the Bollinger Bands. They will help you to recognize the trend and its reversal.

Best of luck!


  • Q: What should be considered when setting expiration times?
  • A: Your derivative trading strategy, the asset being traded, and current market conditions should influence your choice of expiration times.
  • Q: What role do indicators play in derivative trading?
  • A: Indicators can help traders identify trends, predict price movements, and make informed trading decisions.
  • Q: Why is a 5-minute candle recommended for viewing price movements?
  • A: A 5-minute candle can provide a more accurate view of price movements, reducing the impact of minor price fluctuations.
  • Q: Can anyone start derivative trading?
  • A: While anyone can start derivative trading, it requires a good understanding of financial markets and careful planning of trading strategies.
  • Q: What are the risks involved in derivative trading?
  • A: Derivative trading can be risky due to its complexity, the volatility of financial markets, and the potential for high losses.

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