How to Use the Olymp Trade Mobile App for Smartphones

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Accessibility is very important when using a trading platform. With today’s lifestyle pace it is crucial to have access to your trades all the time. There is no better way than installing the Olymp Trade App for smartphones. This guide will take you through the process of installation.

Key Takeaways🔑

Olymp Trade’s mobile app offers a flexible and accessible trading platform.
The app’s interface closely mirrors its web-based counterpart, easing the learning curve for existing users.
As with any trading platform, practice on a demo account and thorough research are key before committing any investments.


How to download the app for smartphones

You will find the app in PlayStore or AppStore depending on your device. The free Olymp Trade app is available for both Android and iOS.
After downloading, you start the installation process. When it is done, you will find the Olymp Trade app icon on the screen of your smartphone. Just tap on that icon to run the application.
If you have an Olymp Trade account, simply log in using your details from there. If you don’t, open a free Olymp Trade demo account first.

Olymp Trade mobile apps
Olymp Trade mobile apps

Pros and Cons of the Olymp Trade Mobile App 📊

  • ✅ Pros:
    • Convenient and accessible trading on-the-go
    • User-friendly interface that mimics the web and desktop platforms
    • Offers a demo account for practice
  • ❌ Cons:
    • Dependent on the stability of your mobile network or Wi-Fi
    • Smaller screen might limit the detailed analysis
    • Distractions on a mobile device may influence trading decisions

Mobile App Features Details
Asset Selection Provides a range of assets to trade
Technical Analysis Tools Includes indicators and drawing tools for charting and analysis.
User Interface User-friendly interface that closely mirrors the web version.
Account Management Easy balance check, deposits, withdrawals, and transaction history.

A quick overview of the Olymp Trade mobile app trading interface

If you are already a member of the Olymp Trade platform, you should be able to use the mobile app easily. The trading interface is very similar to the one you know from the web or desktop version. We have created a short overview of the main interface components.

  1. Main screen of Olymp Trade mobile app
    The main screen of the Olymp Trade mobile app

    The hamburger icon opens an additional menu. There are deposits and withdrawals, transaction history, and quotes. From here you can also change your platform settings, edit your profile data, and contact customer service.

  2. Balance information and current account type. Here you can see the balance on your account. By touching the small triangle to the right of the balance, you can switch between the demo account and the real account.
  3. The deposit button allows you to quickly fund your real and demo account.
  4. The button with two arrows will open the history of transactions and orders for the presently active account (demo or real).
  5. Here you can see the current asset with its payout rate. Tapping this item will allow you to select another asset and then you can trade on it, too.
  6. The compass icon gives access to all technical analysis tools. Here you will find indicators and drawing tools.
  7. The next element is the selection of the chart type. You can choose from a line chart, bar chart, Japanese candles, and Heiken Ashi.
  8. Here you can change the interval of your chart. Remember that the interval is not the same as the expiration time of the trade. It applies only to the interval of the displayed chart.
  9. Expiration time. Here you decide how long you want to set your trade order. You can choose from 1 minute to 23 hours.
  10. Investment amount. Here you can freely enter the amount you want to engage in the next transaction. If it is $100 and the payout rate is 82%, then if you choose the right market direction you will be able to earn $82. If you choose the wrong direction, you will lose the whole investment amount, i.e. $100.
  11. Activation of the financial derivative trade for a price decrease. If other elements have already been selected, the choice of the expected price direction remains. The red button is used when you assume a price drop.
  12. Activation of the financial derivative trade for a price increase. You use the green button when you assume a price increase.
  13. Strike-price is the current price here. If you open a financial derivative trade, this price will be the reference price for the result of your trade.

Trading on mobile app

Using the app is not complicated. However, it is a bit different from trading via the website. Always practice on a demo account first. Share your comments about using the Olymp Trade mobile app for smartphones in the comments section you will find at the bottom of this page.

Best of luck!

Q&A 💡

  1. Q: Can I switch between demo and real account on the mobile app?
    • A: Yes, the mobile app allows easy switch between demo and real accounts.
  2. Q: Does the mobile app have all the technical analysis tools as the web version?
    • A: The mobile app offers a comprehensive set of technical analysis tools, similar to the web version.
  3. Q: Is there a difference between the expiration time and the chart interval?
    • A: Yes, the chart interval is related to the display of the chart, while the expiration time is the duration of your trade order.
  4. Q: What’s the minimum trade order duration I can set on the app?
    • A: The minimum trade order duration you can set on the Olymp Trade app is 1 minute.
  5. Q: Is it easy to contact customer service through the app?
    • A: Yes, you can easily contact customer service directly from the Olymp Trade mobile app.

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