How to efectively combine 2 moving averages

combining 2 EMAs on Olymp TradeA moving average is one of the most popular technical indicators. It is simple, yet efficient, and can be combined with other tools. It can provide confirmation for trading signals received from different indicators. Moreover, it can be used together with another moving average with a different period and so they constitute a trading technique. Today, I am going to tell you how to use a combination of two médias móveis em sua negociação.

Two moving averages in one strategy

A moving average is an indicator in which calculations are based on the average price of the underlying asset. There are different types of moving averages. In today’s strategy, we will use two Médias Móveis Exponenciais.

Preparações do gráfico

Primeiro, você deve fazer login em seu Olymp Trade account. Choose the asset and the type of the chart. Next, click on the indicators icon and find Exponential Moving Average. You have to add it twice.

For the needs of this particular strategy, you will have to adjust the period of the EMA’s. One should be set at 100 and the other at 14. Additionally, you can change the colour and the width of the lines of the indicators if this is something that will help you to read the chart better.

EMA100 and EMA14
For this strategy, we will use the EMA100 and the EMA14

Trading with two EMAs

You have two EMAs added to the chart. Now, you have to observe them and wait for certain conditions to occur.

Opening long positions

An opportunity to enter a long trade appears in the following situations:

  • When the EMA14 and the price bars are plotted over the EMA with a period of 100.
  • When the price bounces to the EMA14 and crosses below it for a moment.
  • When the first green candle develops after the price has bounced back to the EMA14 and this bullish candle closes just below or above the EMA14.
posições longas
Signals to open long positions

The chart above shows two of these situations on the AUDUSD 5-minute chart. These are good places to open a long position. If you trade on Fixed Time Trades, open positions for 3-5 consecutive candles.

Opening short positions

Search for the following events if you want to enter a short trade:

  • Both, the EMA14 and the price bars cross below the EMA100 and stay there.
  • The price bounces to the EMA14 and crosses above it.
  • The first red candle appears after the price has bounced to the EMA14.
posição curta
A perfect signal to open a short position

In the AUDUSD chart above, note how price beautifully collapsed on the EMA14 to later continue its downward movement.


Trading using moving averages is very common. Different traders use different médias in different ways depending on their trading style. Today’s method assumes that there is a trend determined by the EMA100. The position entries themselves are cleverly structured here to catch temporary corrections. With a correction identified you wait for the EMA14 to confirm the continuation of the trend. This method is not complicated but requires training. You can practice it on a demo account available at Olymp Trade. Practice and test the strategy on different instruments and timeframes. If your results are satisfactory, then nothing is stopping you from implementing this strategy in real money trading.

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