Candlestick combo pattern. How to connect inside bar with pin bar to trade Fixed Time trades on Olymp Trade

pinbar and inside bar combos on Olymp TradeVarious trading techniques can be used by traders. Price action is one of them and there are many strategies built around it. Today I will show you a powerful method that combines different price bars. One is called a barra de pinos and the other one is an inside bar.

Pin bar and inside bar combo strategies

A pin bar is a candlestick with a long shadow on one side. On the other side may be a short one or no wick at all. Its shape reminds of a pin thus the name. When it appears on the price chart, it signifies rejection of the price level and possible reversal.

An inside bar is a candlestick that is completely engulfed within the previous candle. It provides information about price consolidation and a probable breakout.

Combinations of these two offer wonderful trading opportunities. The first case we will discuss is the pin bar and inside bar combo pattern. The second is the inside-pin bar combo pattern.

Pin bar with inside bar on support resistance levels
Pin bar with an inside bar on support/resistance levels

The pin bar – inside bar combo strategy

In this pattern, the bar no interior is located within the previous candle, which is the pin bar.

Your task is to observe the chart and spot a pin bar. Then, you should wait for the next candle to develop and check where it is situated. If the next bar is consumed by the pin bar, you have got the pin bar – inside bar pattern. The best situation is when the inside bar falls within the body of the pin bar.

Another thing you need to use in this strategy is support/resistance level. Let’s see it in the example. Below, you will find a chart with visible upwards price movement. Then, you can notice a pullback to the support line. Here a pin bar has formed and now all you have to do is to observe the next candle. If it is an inside candle or preceding pin bar body is inside that candle, you can open a position for the price increase. When using a chart period of 5 minutes, you can hold the position open for around 30 minutes.

A pinbar is inside the next bar on the support level
A pin bar is inside the next bar on the support level

Here is another example with the resistance level marked. The price touches it and a pin bar develops. Then, you can spot an inside bar. This is our pattern so you should open a short transaction and keep it for at least 30 minutes (with the 5-minutes candles).

An inside bar is insdie the pinbar in the resistance area
An inside bar is inside the pin bar in the resistance area

The inside-pin bar combo pattern

Here, the difference is that the inside bar is at the same time a pin bar which is engulfed by another pin bar. This is a continuation pattern.

A pinbar inside a pinbar
A pinbar inside a pinbar

Underneath, there is an exemplary GBPUSD chart with a clear uptrend. Observe the candlesticks and wait for the pin bar to appear. If the next candle forms within it and is also a pin bar, this is the inside-pin bar combo pattern and you should enter a long trade. Similarly, when using 5 minutes period candles, your position may last 30 minutes.

Inside pinbar during the uptrend
Inside pin bar during the uptrend

In the case you spot the inside-pin bar combo pattern during the downtrend in the market, you should open a position for the price decrease as the pattern tells us about the trend continuation. Enter just after the pattern and keep the position open for around 30 minutes (with the 5-minutes candles).

Inside pinbar during the downtrend
Inside pin bar during the downtrend

Considerações finais

Today’s strategy is based on price action. So observe the chart and search for the pin bars. Then check what is the next bar, whether it is an inside bar or it is an inside bar and the pin bar at the same time. Enter the trade exactly after the appearance of the pattern.

The pin bar – inside bar strategy works with the support and resistance levels on which the price reverses.

The inside-pin bar combo pattern exists in trending markets and suggests a continuation of the trend.

Vou ao Olymp Trade demo account now and learn to spot candlestick patterns. Look for the pin bars and inside bars after them. Open Fixed Time trades and see the results.

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