The complete guide on spotting trend reversals using the Stalled Candlestick pattern

padrão de castiçal parado Olymp TradeCandlestick patterns are repeatable candles formations that help in identifying the best entry or exit points. Their appearance can predict the continuation or reversão of the existing trend. The pattern I am going to talk about today belongs to the reversal group of the padrões de candlestick. It is known as the Stalled Candlestick pattern.

Recognising the Stalled pattern on the Olymp Trade gráfico de preços

Three candles form the Stalled pattern. The first candle has the biggest body of all. The second is a bit shorter than the first one, and the third candle is even smaller. All three candles develop in an identical direction.

The Stalled candlestick pattern can be bullish or bearish though, you would most often find the latter.

Bullish and bearish Stalled Candlestick pattern Olymp Trade
Bullish and bearish Stalled Candlestick pattern on Olymp Trade

A bullish Stalled pattern

The bullish Stalled pattern may be identified during the downtrend in the market. The first candle should be bearish with a quite big body. The second, also bearish candle should have a smaller body and the third bearish candle even smaller.

Decreasing the size of the candles represents losing control by the bears. You may expect a new uptrend will form. Enter when the bar breaks the high of the smallest candle of the pattern.

Bullish Stalled Candlestick pattern on Brent Oil hourly chart
Bullish Stalled Candlestick pattern on the Brent Oil hourly chart

A bearish Stalled candlestick pattern

In the uptrend, you may search for the bearish Stalled candlestick pattern. The first candle in the pattern has a big real body and is green. The second candle should open and close higher than the previous one and also be bullish. The third bullish candle’s body is the shortest of all three, and the candle opens and closes higher than the previous two. Its opening should lie close to the closing of the former candle. Moreover, it has a long upper shadow.

The arrival of the bearish Stalled candlestick pattern informs that slowly the bears are gaining control over the market and the price will most probably change its direction.

When you spot the bearish Stalled pattern on the Olymp Trade chart, you may open a short position as soon as the price breaks the low of the smallest candle.

Bearish Stalled Candlestick pattern on AUDUSD 15-minute chart
Bearish Stalled Candlestick pattern on the AUDUSD 15-minute chart

Considerações finais

The candlestick patterns are useful tools in análise técnica. You must naturally apply the candlestick chart type. Then, just observe the candles carefully and catch the development of the pattern.

The Stalled formation consists of three candles where each next candle has a shorter body than the previous one and all three are in the same colour. It most often appears during the uptrend however, you may also find the bullish Stalled pattern during the downtrend.

The appearance of the Stalled candlestick pattern provides information about upcoming trend reversal.

Confirm trading signals with an alternative method. It will minimise the risk you take and strengthen the chances of good decisions.

Faça uso do Olymp Trade demo account. Check how good you are at noticing the Stalled candlestick formations without risking wiping out your account.

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