Quickler, a new asset for impatient traders on Olymp Trade

Quickler - a new asset on Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade is a platform that has been operating for more than 7 years. Not many brokers can boast such a long presence on the market. The platform is being developed year by year. What we like is the fact that the user interface is still as simple as it was in the beginning. All the novelties are implemented in such a way that the user quickly understands the new functionalities of the platform. Today we will write about Quickler, a new asset in the Olymp Trade palette.

Key Takeaways🔑

Olymp Trade offers Quickler, a unique asset designed for quick trading on the platform.
Quickler allows for 5-second fixed time trades with an 80% payout rate.
Practice and observation are crucial before trading Quickler, and implementing trading rules can help manage risks effectively.


What is Quickler on the Olymp Trade platform?

You won’t find Quickler on any other platform. It could be called a synthetic asset created by Olymp Trade. It is an investment instrument designed for quick trading. You will find it among the assets for Fixed Time Trades.

Quickler is the new asset for 5-second fixed time trades on Olymp Trade
Quickler is the new asset for 5-second fixed time trades on Olymp Trade

It works just like all Fixed Time Trades. This means that your job is to determine the direction of the price over the length of the trade. In addition, you determine the amount of the trade. The payout rate is always equal to 80%. This means that if you bet $10 and correctly assess the market direction, you will earn $8.

What makes Quickler different?

With Quickler, however, you cannot change the length of the transaction. The trade duration is always 5 seconds. This is very little time. You get a line chart and cannot change it to Japanese candles or bars. However, you can use all the technical analysis indicators available at Olymp Trade without any problem.

You cannot change type of the chart and trade duration with Quickler
You cannot change the type of the chart and trade duration with Quickler

How to trade Quickler on Olymp Trade?

Quickler was designed for fast trading. Decisions are made in a split second. So is it possible to make money with Quickler? With a little practice, anything is possible. However, we recommend that you first observe the behaviour of this asset for a long time. Trading on a demo account is also very helpful. Not only decisions but also clicks on the appropriate button must be fast.

Train until you get a win rate greater than 56%. With a payout rate of 80%, you need just that kind of performance to get to breakeven. 56% is the so-called breakeven win rate for this payout.

You can use additional indicators in your trading. It is a good idea to use a moving average to filter the direction of a trade. In the chart below you will see the EMA(200). The price is above it. Therefore, in this case, it is a good idea to look for lows that are corrections in an uptrend.

buying a dip is possible in the uptrend
It needs a lot of practice, but with some training buying a dip is possible in the uptrend

For downside trades, the price should be below the average. Here we will look for peaks for a short position in a downtrend. Below I have marked where to look for a short position in a downtrend.

When there is a downtrend, try to sell the peak
When there is a downtrend, try to sell the peak

Pros and Cons of Quickler Trading ⚡️🤔


  • Offers quick trading opportunities with 5-second fixed time trades
  • Provides a unique asset not available on other platforms
  • Payout rate of 80% can lead to high-profit potential


  • Requires quick decision-making and execution
  • High-speed trading may increase the risk of overtrading
  • Not suitable for all traders due to its fast-paced nature

Trading Quickler Tips for Success
Observe the behavior of Quickler for a while before trading Get familiar with the asset’s price movements and patterns
Practice on a demo account to gain experience and refine strategies Test different approaches and find what works best for you
Implement risk management rules to avoid excessive losses Set limits on daily transactions, consecutive losing positions, and daily loss
Use technical analysis indicators to support your trading decisions Consider using a moving average to filter trade directions
Trade with real money only when you feel confident and ready Transition to a real account after achieving satisfactory performance on a demo account

Additional rules for trading Quickler asset

Quickler is not an asset for everyone. I indicated in the title that it is an asset for the impatient. Take it semi-seriously. Trading the market generally requires patience, even with such short trades. Here that patience comes in handy to look for the best opportunities and wait for them.
Since trades last only 5 seconds and theoretically hundreds can be opened in an hour, this raises a number of dangers.

the trade duration for Quickler is only 5 seconds
Remember that the trade duration for Quickler is only 5 seconds

In order to avoid overtrading and an unnecessary series of losses, it is worth implementing certain rules in your trading plan. Let me give you some examples:

  • Daily transaction limit on Quickler, e.g. 20.
  • A maximum number of consecutive losing positions, e.g. 4.
  • Maximum daily loss, e.g: 50$.
  • A satisfactory daily profit at which I end up trading on Quickler, e.g. $100.

Every trader knows more or less his character traits, his susceptibility to stress, his sensitivity to losses, etc.

Consider the elements mentioned above within yourself and think about their implementation. Get into a demo account, choose Quickler and see if 5-second trades are for you. Practice to get satisfactory performance, and when you’re ready, switch to your real account on Olymp Trade and trade with real money.

Trade fast, but trade wisely!

Frequently Asked Questions about Quickler Trading 🧐

  • Q: What is Quickler on the Olymp Trade platform?
  • A: Quickler is a unique asset designed by Olymp Trade for quick 5-second fixed time trades.
  • Q: How does Quickler differ from other assets?
  • A: Quickler has a fixed trade duration of 5 seconds and offers a simplified line chart for analysis.
  • Q: How can I trade Quickler successfully?
  • A: It’s important to observe Quickler’s behavior, practice on a demo account, and implement risk management rules. Technical analysis indicators can also enhance your trading decisions.
  • Q: Is Quickler suitable for all traders?
  • A: Quickler is designed for fast-paced trading and may not be suitable for everyone. It requires quick decision-making and execution.
  • Q: Can I make money with Quickler?
  • A: With practice and a proper understanding of the asset, it’s possible to achieve profitable trades. However, it’s important to be aware of the risks involved and trade wisely.

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