Reading the trade summary to know what actual profit

In this short article, we will talk about trade summary and the two types of profits while trading derivatives and securities at Olymp Trade. One is an expected profit and the other is a profit after a sale.

On the right side of the platform, there are some numbers visible. You will find there both, the expected profit and the profit after the sale. You will also see the amount of this particular investment.

Expected profit and profit after sale on Olymp Trade platform
The expected profit and profit after the sale on the Olymp Trade platform

The expected profit is nothing else like the amount of money you will gain or lose when the trade will finish. If you open an up-trade and the closing price will be bigger than the opening price of an asset, the expected profit will be in green color. The same works for a down-trade, that is if the closing price will be smaller than the opening price.

However, if you open an up-trade but the closing price will be lower than the opening price, or in the case of a down position, the closing price will be higher than the opening price, the amount of the expected profit will be displayed in red.

Notice how profit after sale increased when expected profit turned to a positive number
Notice how profit after the sale increases when the expected profit turns to a positive number

The profit after the scale indicates the amount of money that will be added to your account balance after selling trade at this precise moment. It will grow together with the expected profit. The bigger chances the trade will end successfully, the higher profit after the sale. That said, take note that there’s no guarantee to the amount that you will win. You might even lose money if you’re not careful.

A possibility of selling the trade before its expiration may sometimes protect you from a huge loss. Be careful, however, because the market is unpredictable. It can happen that the situation will change rapidly and you will discover that you have sold the trade for too little. Always analyze the market and search for a perfect entry point before you open a position.

Good luck!


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