5 Tips to deal with revenge trading on Olymp Trade

Revenge trading on Olymp Trade

Trading is serious business. There are many factors you have to take into account. Emotions are not less important than knowledge and the right preparations. Have you ever heard about revenge trading? Have you experienced a loss because of that? Let’s discuss how you can protect yourself from it.

Key Takeaways🔑

Revenge trading is a common pitfall in trading where emotions drive impulsive decisions after a loss.
To protect yourself from revenge trading, it is crucial to recognize the emotional triggers and take appropriate steps to regain control.
Practical strategies like taking a break, self-evaluation, market analysis, strategy review, and adjustment can help in overcoming revenge trading tendencies.


Revenge trading

Emotions are not good advisors in trading. It has been emphasised more than once. Revenge trading is when a trader losses and take another move without much thinking.

A money loss causes suffering. Nobody wants to suffer so the reaction is to do something to change this state. Traders want to recover from the loss here and now so they enter the next transaction hoping for quick recovery. Unfortunately, jumping into the market without much thinking and deep analysis often brings poor results. In effect, the loss can be even bigger.

financial lossThere are plenty of emotions behind revenge trading. First, there is anger and fear. We can also find shame and greed. We are all susceptible to emotions. It is not true that experienced traders do not make irrational actions.

Most of the time, when a transaction is opened in such strong emotions, it brings a loss and more negative emotions. Traders are not only afraid of losing capital but of the reactions of friends and families too. They want to have a good reputation and just be successful. But pushing the trades is not the solution.

How to deal with revenge trading

Below, I am going to present 5 useful tips on how to deal with revenge trading. They are results of the work of trading coaches and psychologists. Let’s see what they are.

Stop trading

The first piece of advice is to simply take a break. Emotions cloud your judgment and you should have a clear mind when making trading decisions. Even if it sounds difficult to do, as you want to recover from a loss fast, the best you can do is to stop trading for a day or two and get a necessary perspective.

stop trading after a significant lossSelf-evaluation

The break is a good opportunity for the next step which is self-evaluation. You should revise all the moves you have taken in order to find out what did not work. Self-awareness is very important when facing revenge trading.

self-evaluationAnalyse the market

Consider what the situation in the market was in times of your loss. Maybe there were not many chances to open a solid position because the trend was weak. Or perhaps the market was overly volatile? What was going on at that time? Make a profound analysis and it is very probable you will come up with something.

Review the strategy

Once you analyse the situation in the market it is time to evaluate your trading strategy. Check whether you follow it all the time and whether it has appropriate entry and exit criteria. Potentially you will discover some flaws in it that are possible to improve.

analyse the marketAdjust

By this time you should have some answers. Now you can implement necessary changes. Maybe there are some aspects of your strategy you should adjust. Perhaps it is the time of the day you choose for the session. Rethink and introduce changes.

Pros and Cons of Overcoming Revenge Trading 📈🙏


  • Improved emotional control in trading decisions
  • Better long-term profitability and risk management
  • Increased self-awareness and self-evaluation skills


  • Requires ongoing discipline and self-reflection
  • Not an instant solution and may require time and effort
  • Individual results may vary depending on personal circumstances

Tips to Deal with Revenge Trading Description
Stop trading Take a break to clear your mind and regain perspective
Self-evaluation Reflect on your trading decisions and identify what went wrong
Analyse the market Examine the market conditions during your losses and learn from them
Review the strategy Evaluate your trading strategy and identify areas for improvement
Adjust Make necessary changes to your strategy and trading approach


Revenge trading can happen to everyone. It is important to acknowledge it and try to take control over it. Follow these 5 tips described in today’s article. They are developed by experienced traders and psychologists.

Stay calm and take a break. Evaluate your decision-making process, the market situation and the strategy you are using. Implement necessary adjustments and keep on trading.

Wish you good trading results!

Frequently Asked Questions about Revenge Trading 🧐

  • Q: What is revenge trading?
  • A: Revenge trading refers to impulsive trading decisions driven by emotions, especially after a loss.
  • Q: Why is revenge trading dangerous?
  • A: Revenge trading can lead to further losses, increased emotional distress, and poor decision-making due to clouded judgment.
  • Q: How can I overcome revenge trading tendencies?
  • A: To overcome revenge trading, you can take a break, engage in self-evaluation, analyze the market, review your strategy, and make necessary adjustments.
  • Q: How long does it take to overcome revenge trading?
  • A: The time required to overcome revenge trading varies for each individual, but with consistent effort and discipline, progress can be made.
  • Q: Are there any long-term benefits of overcoming revenge trading?
  • A: Yes, overcoming revenge trading can lead to improved emotional control, better risk management, and increased self-awareness, resulting in long-term profitability.

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