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trading checklist

The trade checklist is simply a summarized trading plan. It is a plan where you can check the things you require to open a new transaction. It is also your own rule book, which you should follow in order to be ready for trading.

The trade checklist is a personal thing. Your list works for you, but not necessarily for another trader. This happens because everyone has their own strategy that they like and trust. So the list is for you, created to boost your results.

Key Takeaways🔑

A trade checklist is a tool to enhance your trading strategy and foster consistency.
Effective use of a trade checklist can mitigate internal and external distractions in trading.
Personalization of a trade checklist is crucial to cater to your individual trading approach.

Why may you need the trade checklist?

It is not a secret that trading is an investment form that brings risk with itself. There are external and internal factors that make the risk even bigger. Those factors are external noises – what we hear from other traders and all the news from the outer world, and internal noises – our own fears, like anxiety feeling before beginning the trade.

Makes you feel confident.

Your trade checklist will assist you in handling both, external and internal noises. You will have your own procedure that you follow, so even if you are confused, just stick to your list, complete the procedure, and the confidence will come back.

Makes you stick with your trading strategy.

Professional traders know that trading depends more on strategy than luck. That having your strategy is essential for trading. When you have and follow your own trade rules, more likely you will be faithful in your strategy.

Makes you staying focused.

During the process of trading, you may experience better and worse moments. Sometimes, especially when the market is opposite to what transaction you have initiated, it can be tough on your mental endurance. And here your trade checklist comes in handy. It will keep you concentrated on your targets and will help you be consistent. Using a working trading strategy consistently increases the chances for a profit.

Olymp Trade Wiki Personal trade checklist:

What should you consider when creating your trade checklist?

1. Current market trend.

trade with trend

The current market situation is very important while planning your trade checklist. You must define your market and make a decision to go with or against it. If you are at the beginning of your trading journey, it is usually suggested to trade with current market trend. This way increases the chances for a profit and the other thing is, you do not need a determined opening price.

On the checklist, you may include something like “Trade only with the direction of current trend”.

2. Investment amount.

money to invest

Your personal trade checklist has also this attitude, that it helps you to take notice of the investment amount. Bearing that in mind, you can keep a close eye on the reward, by reminding you how much you intend to earn. Another thing you have to do is to confirm, that the transaction amount is proper before trading.

You can write on your list for example: “The trade size is correct”.

3. Economic calendar and trading news.

news trading can be dangerous

Sure, there is plenty of news that will reach you during your trading adventure. And that is why you must have your trusted source, which will provide reliable news about the market. They might influence your opinion and behavior, change your decision, and help you not to lose money.

On the checklist, it could be: “Check adequate news and calendar.”

4. Your physical and mental state.

emotions in trading

Good physical condition and proper emotional state are of the utmost importance. You need to take care of yourself in order to be a good trader. Otherwise, your judgment could be inaccurate. It could result in improper market analysis and further in performing a bad deal. All of this almost always ends in significant losses.

Be sure you have on your trade checklist, something like: “I enjoy full physical health and am in a proper mood to trade”.

5. Reward to risk ratio.

risk to reward ratio

This defines what profit you will gain for every dollar invested in securing the transaction. (4:1 indicates that you can earn 4 dollars for every dollar you risk.)

In order to calculate your reward to risk ratio for a new transaction, you need to know how big will be the profit (reward) if everything goes right. You also need to determine possible loss (risk taken) if your market prediction is wrong.

Then your reward to risk ratio is just a simple relation of those two factors.

On your checklist it may sound: “Reward to risk ratio is high enough”.

Perhaps, creating your personal trade checklist sounds a bit difficult or unnecessary at the beginning. But you ought to place your trust in it because it can really help you earn money. Don’t forget it is your personal list. It will look different for other traders.

On you will find much more information about trading plans and strategies.

We wish you extremely fat gains with your new trade checklist!

Pros and Cons👍👎

👍 Pros of Using a Trade Checklist:

  • Helps foster trading discipline and consistency.
  • Assists in managing external and internal distractions.
  • May enhance confidence and focus during trading.

👎 Cons of Using a Trade Checklist:

  • Requires time and effort to develop and maintain.
  • May not universally apply as each trader’s strategy and needs are unique.
  • Over-reliance on the checklist may limit flexibility and adaptability in trading.

Components of a Trade Checklist Role in Trading Strategy
Current Market Trend Aids in setting the direction for trades and managing market risks.
Investment Amount Promotes prudent risk management and supports the determination of potential returns.
Economic Calendar and Trading News Enables traders to stay updated with relevant news and events, potentially influencing market movements.
Physical and Mental State Ensures trader’s well-being for optimal decision-making during trading.
Reward to Risk Ratio Assists in evaluating the potential profitability of trades relative to the risk involved.


  • Q: How can a trade checklist enhance my trading?
  • A: A trade checklist can help maintain discipline, manage distractions, and stay focused during trading, potentially enhancing your trading efficiency.
  • Q: What components should I include in my trade checklist?
  • A: Key components may include current market trend, investment amount, economic calendar and trading news, your physical and mental state, and reward to risk ratio.
  • Q: Can I use someone else’s trade checklist for my trades?
  • A: While you can take inspiration from others’ checklists, it’s best to personalize your checklist to your own strategy and needs for optimal effectiveness.
  • Q: How often should I update my trade checklist?
  • A: It’s beneficial to regularly review and adjust your checklist to reflect your evolving strategy and market changes.
  • Q: Can a trade checklist guarantee successful trades?
  • A: While a checklist can improve trading discipline and consistency, it doesn’t guarantee success due to the inherent risks and uncertainties in trading.


Here an example of how the checklist can be used for a technical trading setup:

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