How to trade bounces from moving average on Olymp Trade

trading bounces from EMA Olymp TradeDifferent approaches to trading work for different traders. You do not have to learn them all, however, it might be a good idea to know some of them and then make a decision about which one is your favourite. Moreover, not always the more complicated system the better. Sometimes one indicator is enough to create a powerful strategy. And so in today’s method, you will just need one moving average to add to your chart. Let’s see how it works.

Moving average bounces

The price of an underlying asset moves constantly up and down. Nevertheless, it is usually possible to mark the range within which it fluctuates.

Trong tạp chí Đường Trung bình Động Đơn giản bounces method, a trader follows the movements of the prices when they go beyond the moving average line, return and bounce. This observation helps to identify trading opportunities to buy or to sell.

An Exponential Moving Average is used in this technique, as it puts more attention to the latest price behaviour.

Thiết lập biểu đồ

Đăng nhập vào Olymp Trade trading account and choose the asset. Set the chart type and timeframe. The candlesticks period should be somewhere between 1 and 5 minutes. Then, click on the indicators icon and search for the Exponential Moving Average (EMA). It will be added to your chart.

Now, you should adjust the settings, so the method works well on all the asset classes. Set the period of the EMA at 34. Later on, you can experiment with different periods. A general rule is that when you increase the EMA period, the line of the indicator will look smoother.

EMA with a period of 34
We will use the EMA with a period of 34

There is also a possibility to change the colour and the width of the indicator line. Do so if it makes the readings easier for you.

Trading with the bounces from moving average

There are a few things you should focus on when opening transactions.

Opening long trades

Today’s approach follows the trend. It means that you should look for opportunities to open a long trade during the upward movement. This is the first thing, identify the uptrend. It can be done by observing when the price is moving above and further away from the EMA.

The next step is to wait for the price to change direction and to near the indicator’s line. It may even go a bit below the EMA.

A signal to open a long position is received when the price does not make the next lower low, but instead bounces from the indicator and continues upward movement.

A signal to go long
A signal to go long

Opening short positions

The first thing is to recognise the downtrend. You will do that by observing the prices in relation to the EMA line. The candlesticks should form below the EMA and move further away from it.

The second step is to notice when the price reverses. New higher highs are created and the price touches or even crosses the Đường trung bình động hàm mũ (EMA).

The moment to enter a short trade occurs when the price fails to make a higher high, breaks the indicator line, reverses and moves downwards.

A signal to go short
A signal to go short

Tổng kết

Moving average bounces method requires adding just one indicator to the chart. This is the Exponential Moving Average with a period of 34. The timeframe of the chart should be set between 1 and 5 minutes what makes the approach good for short-term traders.

No method is perfect and although moving average bounces are commonly utilised by both, novice and experienced traders, false signals may occur. Prepare a strong risk management plan and practice before investing real money. Olymp Trade demo account would be a fantastic place to do it. It is free of charge and supplied with virtual cash that can be replenished at any time. Use it whenever you need to.

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