How to recognise market phases with the Gator Oscillator on Olymp Trade

Gator oscillator on Olymp TradeCó rất nhiều chỉ báo có sẵn trên nền tảng Olymp Trade. We want to present them to you so you know your options. Read about many of them and then decide which one works best for you. The Gator oscillator is the subject of today’s article. Have you ever heard of it? Well, let’s learn something about it.

The Gator oscillator

The Gator indicator belongs to the oscillators. It assists traders in catching the changes in the trends in the markets. It is quite similar to the Chỉ số cá sấu which also helps in this task. But the Alligator makes use of the moving averages and the Gator of a histogram.

Prepare the chart

Bạn phải đăng nhập vào Olymp Trade account. Choose the financial instrument you are going to trade. Then, go to the indicators icon. You will find the Gator on the list that develops on the left side. Click on its name and it will be added to your chart.

insert Gator Oscillator on Olymp Trade nền tảng
How to insert the Gator Oscillator on the Olymp Trade nền tảng

The Gator appears in the separate window below the instrument’s price chart in a form of a histogram. There are red and green bars on it that develop above or below the middle line 0. It is possible that they are both in one colour or that they have different colours.

The appearance of the red bar gives information about the weakening of the trend and the green bar says that the trend is getting stronger than the former price action.

The Gator Oscillator
The Gator Oscillator is visible in a separate window under the price chart

The phases of the Gator oscillator

The underlying principle of the Gator indicator is that the trend goes through some phases, just like a living creature, an alligator. We distinguish 4 phases:

  • ngủ
  • Awakening
  • Ăn
  • Sated

The sleeping phase is when the trend is exhausted.

The Awakening is when a new trend is forming.

Eating means getting strength.

The Sated, running out of momentum.


In the Sleep phase, both bars, below and above the middle line, are red.

Sleep phase
The sleep phase is when both upper and lower bars are red


We know the trend begins to form when one of the bars, which were previously red, becomes green. It may be the one below or above the 0 line. It only matters that one of two is green.

Gator aweakens
Gator awakens after sleeping when a green bar appears


The trend is growing which is indicated by two green bars.

market is trending
The market is trending when both bars are green


The animal is full, the trend is coming to an end. On the Gator’s biểu đồ tần suất, a red bar reappears. Similarly, as in the Awakening phase, it could be a lower or upper bar. What is important is that one of the bar turns red.

trend may end soon
A red bar after a series of green bars indicates that the trend may end soon

Trading with the Gator oscillator

The Gator oscillator can be successfully applied in all market conditions however, the best results you will get on medium to longer timeframes.

The idea is to open a trade when the oscillator is in the Awakening phase. Keep the position open during the Eating phase and exit the transaction when the Sated phase begins because this means the trend will end soon.

Remember the indicator may show the bars with some delay as to the real price changes.

The Gator oscillator indicates when the trend is strong or weak but it does not point the direction of the trend. Thus, you should use an extra tool to recognise the trend direction.

Kết luận

The Gator indicator is an oscillator that can be used to identify the changes in the trend. It has a form of histogram with red and green bars. Depending on the colours of the bars, we recognise the Sleeping phase, Awakening, Eating and Sated. Typically, traders enter the position during the Awakening phase, keep it open through the Eating phase and exit in the Sated period.

Remember about a delay and that the Gator does not reveal in which direction the trend is developing.

Mở Olymp Trade demo account, if you have not already, and use it to practice using the Gator in trading. The demo account is available for free, so you do not need to worry about losing money while getting to know a new indicator.

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