What happened with my Olymp Trade platform? What are Fixed Time Trades?

fixed time trades

Where is your tab for financial derivatives?! What are Fixed Time Trades? Is your Olymp Trade platform broken? No worries, we will explain everything in this short article.

The Olymp Trade platform is developing constantly. We have already written about Meta Trader 4 platform you can use to trade with Olymp Trade broker. The company introduces new features and new indicators to make trading even more simple. The last change is the implementation of Fixed Time Trades. And today we will get a closer look at this subject.

A new trading mode: Fixed Time Trades

On April 2nd, Fixed Time Trades mode replaced financial derivatives on the Olymp Trade platform. Now, when you want to shift from currency trading to financial derivatives, you will see the Fixed Times tab instead.

Now we have Fixed Time Trades
Instead of derivatives we have Fixed Time Trades now

The other part of the platform remains the same. The trading process does not change. You still have to choose the expiration time for your trade, the amount of money you want to invest in this particular transaction, and of course, you need to speculate on the direction the price will go in the future.

As you can see trading interface for FTTRs is the same as for financial derivatives
As you can see the trading interface for FTTRs is the same as for derivatives

If you want to review your past trades or check the open positions, you should look at the right side of the interface. You will see all the trades there. The difference is that now you will find “Fixed Time” where before was the tab for financial derivatives.

A new model does not influence the rates of return, nor the rules for receiving a profit.

In the trades section you will see Fixed Time Trades instead of financial derivatives
In the trades section, you will see Fixed Time Trades instead of derivatives

What does it change?

The changes are needed because Olymp Trade gains new customers all the time. The growth is an integral part of the process. It requires the company to involve deeper with the bigger companies to ensure a high quality of service.

Fixed Time Trades allow interacting with bigger companies more constructively. This is done by sending each customer’s transactions to the providers of liquidity and securing them with other financial assets.

I hope the changes are more clear to you now. But if you have any further questions, please use the comment section below. You can also contact the Olymp Trade support team, which works continuously to help with any issue you might have.

Wish you a pleasant experience with Olymp Trade!

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