5 signals telling you that your trading strategy fails

trading strategy failsThere are many different kinds of trading strategies. They vary depending on the market type, instruments used and traders’ skills. It is important to choose the right strategy that works for you well. It is often advised to write a trading journal to keep the track of your performance and make adjustments if needed. But it is also important to know when to give up on a particular strategy, move forward and choose another one.


When does your trading strategy fail?

Trading is a risky business. No doubt about it. It is possible to make a good profit but every trader has to be prepared to lose occasionally. And a loss does not mean your trading strategy did not work.

How to know when the trading method you are using fails? Below, I will outline 5 signals that will help you decide whether the time to take a different approach to trading has come.

Performance analysis missing

I have already mentioned it is crucial for your success to track your performance. You should be able to review the circumstances of your trades, reflect on the reasons lying behind losing positions and check when you make the biggest profits. All these help you to improve your approach and become a more successful trader.

bad performance of the strategyA trading strategy should definitely include performance analysis. If it does not, rebuild it straight away. The best idea is to write a trading diary where you note all your trades and details about them.

Losing streak

Every trader knows losses will occur. There can be plenty of reasons for it. Some are temporary, some require you to adjust your approach to trading. A trading strategy should include a limit of losses you can handle with a certain strategy.

losing streakDo not be afraid of changing strategies. If you experience consistent unluck and you have tested strategy on different markets, it is a signal there might be something wrong with the trading method. Or maybe it just does not work well for you. Either way, it is time to save your nerves and leave the failing strategy behind.

Giving in to emotions

Emotions are not good advisors in trading. Decisions should be taken with a calm and clear mind. If you notice that emotions take control too often, it might be a sign there is something missing in your trading strategy.

trading emotions are not the best advisorCheck whether you have included money and risk management in your trading approach. It should include the investment size, entry and exit circumstances, acceptable risk degree and so on. Otherwise, you will stay vulnerable to fear, anxiety, impatience or greed. And they will not help you to make a good trading decision for sure.

Not being able to follow the strategy

Sometimes it can happen that a trader has chosen a strategy and then he cannot follow it. He tries to, but it is simply getting out of hand. Then, he should definitely consider introducing changes or leaving this approach.

Maybe a strategy was too complicated or unclear. Maybe it was not adjusted properly to the trader’s preferences. It is possible and not so uncommon that one strategy is working for someone perfect but for another person with different needs and skills is not.

Getting stuck

You should also think about changing something in your strategy or changing it completely to a new one when you feel like getting stuck in the routine. When you use a pretty simple approach with one indicator only, it may turn out you are missing a lot of trading opportunities.

being stuck in wrong trading routineStrategies based on one indicator only are not bad. They may work very well for you. However, if you have stopped learning new ways of improving your trading performance and you got stuck in the same routine, it might be a call for a change.


Take the time to select a good trading strategy. Try to include all the necessary components. It will be naturally easier with time when you get to know well your preferences and you develop certain trading skills. Nevertheless, choose a strategy with attention from the very beginning.

Keep your eyes open for the first signs of a failing trading strategy. Remember you can use the Olymp Trade demo account to verify the changes you have implemented or a new approach you wish to take.

Below, you will find the comments section. Tell us about your experience with bad strategies. What did help you to estimate that this is a good time for a change? Did you make adjustments or you shift completely to a new strategy?

I would be glad to hear from you!

Wish you good luck!

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